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Certified Instructor John Tebbens paddles off Redondo Beach, California in the majestic Pacific Ocean.



Learning how to get your kayak to do exactly what you want it to do and when, allows you to enjoy a freedom and sense of comfort on the water you have to feel to believe. You can learn to surfski, paddle a sea kayak, learn to Eskimo roll, hand roll, Greenland style rolls, and other forms of self-rescue. You can learn forward and racing strokes, support and reverse strokes, ruddering and draw strokes and then seamlessly flow them together with a grace that allows you to read subtle water patterns and catch an exhilarating ride surfing waves forward, backwards and sideways if you'd like. If you are beginning and terrified or an old dog wanting to learn new tricks or improve your stroke, you are in the right place to learn with comfort, confidence and ease. There is no better way to directly address your needs than with private instruction from a certified kayak instructor who wants to see you smile that big smile when you amaze yourself with your own skill and grace.